3 Ways to create a better relationship with your child

Would you like to create a closer bond with your child? In this short video Anky, an experienced positive parenting trainer and professional life coach, takes you through 3 proven ways to achieve that in a remarkably short time. Try these tested and proven simple steps today and you will notice the difference!

The one thing you need to do as a parent to get your kids to listen to you

As a parent, being consistent with your child and following through is so important. Don’t fall into the trap of giving out empty threats and losing credibility. You will teach them not to take you seriously and they will stop listening to you. Exactly what you don’t want as a parent!

Feeling down? Use this one easy step to leave that feeling behind

If you and your child are starting off the day in a bad mood then make sure you watch this video. Just one simple step can change both your moods from crappy to happy!

This might be the way best to prepare yourself before setting your new year’s resolutions

Are you getting ready to make some new year’s resolutions? I believe the best way to figure out what you want to change is to review what’s going on now. Watch this video now to find out 4 simple steps to do this insightful activity, by yourself or with your loved ones.

Once you’ve done your review it’ll be much easier to set your new year’s resolutions.