Triple P Positive Parenting Courses

Positive Parenting Training

Want to learn proven techniques to create more harmony in your household and put the fun back into parenting? 

Triple P is an internationally-acclaimed parenting program that helps make raising kids easier.  Triple P is the flexible, practical way to develop skills, strategies and confidence to handle any parenting situation.  It’s backed by decades of research!

Triple P doesn’t tell parents how to be a parent.  It gives them a range of practical strategies and they choose the ones that fit their family.  You will be surprised how quickly you see results!

One way to learn the Triple P knowledge is to do the Triple P on-line self-paced course.  However, that mode of learning doesn’t suit everyone.  If this learning style doesn’t suit you either, then I would love to take you through the Triple P knowledge in individual sessions with me.  I’ve led many Triple P group courses over the last 5 years and know the information inside-out.

Unfortunately due to continuing COVID uncertainty it’s too difficult to run the group courses for now. However, I welcome clients who want to learn all, or even some of this knowledge, as part of their positive parenting coaching sessions.

The Triple P material teaches parents:

  • Learn more ways to raise happy, confident kids
  • Manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life more
  • Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
  • Encourage behaviour you like
  • Understand what you are doing right

All attendees will receive a Triple P completion certificate on completion of all the material.


What people are saying about Cohesive Coaching

“Anky is so knowledgeable, friendly and engaging. Very easy to listen to.”

Great knowing we’re all going through the same things!”

It was fun and interesting and I learnt lots.”

“Great knowing we’re all going through the same things!”