Practical and proven techniques that you can easily use as a parent to help your child become more resilient, positive and confident in life.
Resilient & Confident Kids

Online Course

Is your child prone to tantrums when they face new challenges? do they experience meltdowns over the smallest things or do they have too much worry and anxiety? Are they shy and timid and have difficulty making new friends?

As a parent you may be looking down the line and wondering how this will affect their future happiness. Luckily you have the power to turn this around and lead your children to a better and more fulfilling future!

This course will give you the skills to help your child to overcome anxiety and step out into a more confident future. You child will be happier in themselves, easier to get along with, and there’ll be more harmony in the household and less meltdowns all around.

In the course you’ll learn interesting and engaging positive parenting knowledge as well as proven, easy-to-implement tools and techniques for kids aged 0-12 year. It contains:

  • 9 modules to help you raise your children’s resilience, optimism and confidence levels;
  • 32 separate lectures with videos that contain proven strategies, tips and practical steps to help you understand how you can help your kids deal with life’s challenges and changes;
  • 12 exercises to help you practice the information and knowledge you’ve learnt and to help you implement it;
  • comprehensive 43-page workbook;
  • additional resources to help you embed the knowledge you’ve learnt;
  • ongoing support that is offered only to course attendees.

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