Positive Parenting Training

One-on-one Private Sessions

Parenting is fulfilling and challenging all at the same time. It’s full of ups and downs and many unanswered questions.

It can be so hard to figure out whether what you’re doing is the right thing – kids don’t come with an instruction manual after all and what works for one may not work for another.

Wanting the best childhood for your child is human nature, being able to create that childhood depends on the knowledge and skills you have. The great news is that you can always learn more!

What’s positive parenting?

Positive parenting is an encouragement model of parenting that helps parents foster and teach their children more of the behaviour that they like to see.

Positive parenting is also about assertive parenting.  It provides parents with effective techniques to guide their children’s behaviour.  It’s not about squashing your child’s individuality but it is about helping them deal with limits and frustrations appropriately and regulate their emotions.

When you work with Anky as your positive parenting trainer, you’ll gain more knowledge and tools to create calmer family dynamics and bring the enjoyment back into parenting.

Is positive parenting effective?

In one word – yes!  Clients have reported improvements in their children’s behaviour including less fighting, improved listening, fewer melt downs and more confidence.  Stress levels have reduced markedly in their families, and the fun and enjoyment has returned.

Anky has worked with many parents like you to help them master the techniques to create a harmonious household with positive routines that everyone in the family understands and follows.


What people are saying about Cohesive Coaching

“My husband and I undertook positive parenting coaching with Anky. Our boys weren’t listening to us and there was yelling every day which was so stressful. Every session we learnt more parenting knowledge and great tools to put into practice. What astonished us was how quickly we noticed improvements! Our household is quite different now – the boys are cooperative and parenting is more fun and rewarding (thank goodness!).”