Creating a more productive workforce first starts at home.

Satisfied Clients

Excellent program, meaningful context.

Thank you for the opportunity to take part. Definitely helps focus my wellbeing at other levels outside of work.

By implementing some of the suggestions, I have felt (immediately) more at ease on the home front. I’ve noticed that my concentration levels at work have been far greater and more focused too. A great result for me, my family and for my organisation.

Triple P

Did you know that when working parents have a happier and stable family life, they are more likely to function better in the workplace, improve the quality and focus on their work, increase productivity and be more relaxed and collaborative?

Anky Balfoort is a qualified and experienced Triple P Group trainer infusing a corporate background with helping employees achieve balance between home and work.

In addition to being qualified in Triple P techniques, Anky also has 14 other coaching and psychology related qualifications. Anky has worked in the corporate world for the last 17 years and also has extensive experience in organisational change management, project management and organisational and leadership coaching.

Anky works with businesses to reduce costs and increase effectiveness of teams and employees. The Positive Parenting courses are part of that solution and provide skills and techniques to make raising kids easier. The courses are designed for working parents, to be delivered as part of the organisational health and well-being program.

“At PTV we believe it’s important to support our staff holistically and recently had the delight of engaging Anky Balfoort to run a series of Positive Parenting Workshops for our people. We understand that when working parents have happier home lives they are more likely to be productive, collaborative and engaged at work. We had such positive commentary around the programs and would recommend reaching out to Anky to find out more about her fantastic offerings!

It gives parents practical tips and ideas to help them deal with the big and small problems of family life. It provides parents with some easy-to-implement tools and techniques to raise their kids’ self esteem, confidence and emotional resilience levels. Setting them up to cope better with life’s inevitable ups and downs and it will empower them to say no to peer pressure and to stand up to bullying.

Benefits to employers:

Unhappy family relationships add significantly to stress levels and are a contributing factor to increased domestic violence, anxiety and depression.

When working parents have a happier and stable family life they are more likely to:

  • Function better in the workplace
  • Be more relaxed and collaborate better
  • Improve focus and quality of work
  • Increase productivity

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