Success for children begins in their learning environment.
Triple P

Fun interactive Positive Parenting courses delivered at your school or childcare centre.

When children have healthy levels of confidence and emotional resilience they are better at dealing with life’s inevitable ups and downs as well as new situations that may cause them to be anxious and fearful. Increased levels of confidence will help children make friends more easily, say no to peer pressure and stand up to bullies.

Increasingly childcare centres and schools are teaching well being, confidence and resilience skills to their students. The success of embedding these positive skills in kids depends on parents and teachers working together successfully.

However when kids come home from childcare or school with these new concepts their parents are often at a loss as how to best support their kids because they haven’t been taught the knowledge and skills themselves.

Anky works with childcare centres and schools to fill the gap by providing positive parenting skills to parents. The result is better alignment between parents and teachers as they work together to raise resilient and confident kids.

Confident kids, happy families

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