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Life coaching in North Brisbane

Feeling stuck and not sure what to do next?  Unhappy with life and looking for a new direction?

All of us experience challenges, uncertainty and difficult changes at some stage in life. That can leave us floundering, feeling anxious about starting something new and with a negative mindset overall.

How life coaching can help you

When you work with Anky as your expert life coach, you will start making positive changes from the very first session while learning new skills and creating positive habits that will last your life time. Anky will tailor your sessions to suit your unique circumstances. You will get the best results in the quickest possible time!

In your life coaching sessions you will achieve the following:

  • Work out your new positive life direction.
  • Develop your goals.
  • Take action to successfully achieve your goals.
  • Develop new skills and positive habits that will last.
  • Identify and resolve blockages that have stopped you from reaching your potential.
  • Provide you with tools, techniques and resources to achieve the improved life that you desire and deserve – and maximise your success!
  • Encourage you, support you and motivate you along the way.
  • Feel more secure, content and happier.

Why is life coaching important?

Working with a life coach is like having a personal trainer walking alongside you as you experience life. By helping you build clarity in your direction and holding you accountable for implementing actions and building positive habits, it fast tracks your success.

You will start making positive changes from the very first session while learning new skills and creating positive habits that will last your life time.

“Talking to Anky is like having a hot chocolate and a warm hug on a rainy day. She helped me turn my life around in a surprisingly short time”

Based in Albany Creek, North Brisbane, Anky offers a variety of session types.  You can attend life coaching sessions at her tranquil and comfortable coaching premises or if you prefer you can opt for Zoom or phone sessions instead.   Suiting all locations and circumstances you decide what’s best for you:

  • face-to-face sessions (including evening sessions)
  • phone sessions
  • and Zoom sessions.

Anky has 16 qualifications related to life coaching, positive psychology and positive parenting.

During your life coaching sessions she draws on a variety of positive psychology tools as well as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Neuroscience findings, Sherpa Executive Coaching,  SMART goal setting, mindfulness and visualisation techniques.


What people are saying about Cohesive Coaching

“The hardest part to seeing a life coach was making that first move and contacting someone who I felt comfortable with. With my first session with Anky I felt quite at ease and within a few sessions, I felt I had my family relationships back on track and an added bonus of a new man in my life. I cannot thank Anky enough for her getting me on the right track with my sons and how I feel about myself. Thank you Anky.”

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