After working with Anky for just 6 months, I am now working in what is very close to my dream job, am enjoying a fantastic relationship with my sisters, am handling my money a lot better and experiencing abundance and more importantly I am having less eronious thoughts and emotional issues.

What exactly is a life coach?

A life coach helps you make improvements in your life and helps you to achieve your goals.  A life coach acts as a mentor, supporter, motivator, encourager, friend and as someone who can provide you with expert practical ideas, knowledge and experience on how to make the changes and improvements you desire.


How can you help me?

As your coach I will help you achieve your goals and make improvements in your life, as well as help you deal with any situations that come up in your life.  I do this by providing you with practical ideas, knowledge and guidance on how to do that.  You are always in the driving seat but I’m there running alongside you providing you with practical ways to achieve what you want as well as motivation, support and encouragement.


I’m just feeling generally unhappy with my life, I’m not sure what I’d like to change.  Can you help me with that? 

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one!  Many of my clients were in the same position when they first came to see me.  Rest assured we’ll work it out together.  I’ll ask you questions and will go through exercises and assessments with you to figure out exactly which areas of your life you’d like to change and what outcomes you want at the end of our coaching sessions.   If you want to see testimonials about how I’ve helped others, click here.


Why you?  What do you know?

For a start, I’m a qualified and experienced life coach with qualifications in Life Coaching from The LIfe Coaching Institute of Australia which are recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) of which I’m a member.  On top of that I have helped numerous clients achieve their desired changes and improvements – they have learnt a lot from me but I’ve also learnt a lot from them. And in turn I can use this knowledge to help you.   In addition I have numerous related qualifications, including a Certificate in Positive Psychology (from the University of East London),  a Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Intermediate and Advanced Certificates in Acceptance and Commitment Theory (ACT), a Primary Certificate in Rational Emotive Therapy, a certificate in Work Coaching, a certificate in Executive Coaching, to name some of them.

I have also had quite a few experiences in my life which included large and small changes, from bad to good and everything in between.  So I have plenty of personal experience and knowledge on change and how to deal with it successfully.  I’ve always been an excellent listener, encouraging and very interested in others.

I love helping people and making them feel better and I’m passionate about making sure that my skills are up to date with the latest techniques and tools.  I attend a variety of conferences and belong to relevant professional associations to ensure I’m updated with the latest information and knowledge that can help me help my clients. As an example,  I recently completed two ACT courses (a psychology-related technique to help people deal effectively with changes).


Are you a one-stop shop or do you only specialise in one particular area?

I’m a one-stop shop.  The reason I’ve done so much training and have completed so many qualifications on top of my life coaching qualifications (and am always doing more) is so that I can help you with any area in your life.  A coaching relationship works best when there is a high level of trust and once this is established it is not nice nor useful for you to have to go and see someone else just because I don’t have the knowledge and skills to help you in a particular area.  It is also a lot more cost-effective for you as you don’t have to shell out more dollars to see additional professionals.

However I do know my limits so if I feel you’ll be better helped by someone else I will let you know that and will recommend the appropriate professional for you.  This is a very rare occurrence and has only happened once in my coaching career.  At the end of the day your best interest is most important to me.


Why is your coaching session fee so competitive?

My aim is to make coaching accessible to as many people as need it, from all walks of life.  Coaching is so helpful, beneficial and useful to people that in my ideal world anyone who who would like a coach will have access to one.


What is the coaching process?

In your first session we will go through the different life areas to figure out exactly where you’d like to make improvements and what your desired outcomes are.  I will ask you many questions about your background, past changes, your current situation etc. so that I get a good picture of the best place to start.  Based on this I will create a recommended coaching plan tailored to your needs.  Then we will create your vision, goals, put together a goal action plan and work out strategies to overcome any blockages you may have.  This will involve exercises and tools to increase your awareness and skills as well as practical steps to achieve the results you want.

Where relevant I will recommend appropriate books for you to read and will also ask you to complete some tasks at home.  It’s important to do this as it will help you make the changes you want to in the fastest possible time, keeping your costs down.  Don’t worry, I won’t overload you as we’re all busy people.


How many sessions will it take?

It depends entirely on the amount of changes, improvements and goals you’d like to achieve, your skills and knowledge, and any blockages that have stopped you from achieving the life you desire so far.  Sometimes people see me for just a few sessions, others see me for between 6-10 sessions and others like to see me for longer than that.  I will suggest how long it’s likely to take you to achieve your positive outcomes in the first session but this can be affected by a number of factors.  Rest assured you’re always the one who decides.


What happens if situations/crises pop up in my life, can we discuss them or do we only follow my plan?

No, I’m here to help you with anything that you’d like my guidance and knowledge on, I’m a complete support for you.  In fact it’s important that anything is resolved as it crops up otherwise it may hold you back from achieving your goals.  We will definitely follow the plan that we have agreed on when you first come and see me, however you’re in the driving seat so you decide what we discuss and work on in your coaching sessions.  I run alongside you providing guidance, knowledge, tools, motivation, and encouragement.


What about privacy?  How can I be sure that you won’t tell others what I tell you?

Confidentiality and privacy is vital to maintain trust in the coach/coachee relationship.  I respect the privacy of my clients and what we discuss in our sessions will remain completely confidential between us at all times.  I am naturally a highly confidential person and am very mindful about respecting others’ privacy.  I am also bound by my professional ethics and code of conduct.   This protects your story, identity and any other information related to you.  I take minimal notes as I’m very interested in you so find it very easy to remember what people tell me but the notes that I do have are stored securely in my office.

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