Are you feeling stuck, unhappy with life and don’t know which direction to take?

OR are you worried about your child’s behaviour but don’t know what to do next?

I can help you!

Life Coaching

  • Work out your direction
  • Stay motivated and on track
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop new skills and positive habits that will last
  • Successfully achieve your goals and new positive outcomes

Positive Parenting

  • Manage your child’s behaviour confidently and effectively
  • Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
  • Replace chaos with harmony
  • Bring the enjoyment back into parenting
  • Raise resilient and confident kids


Positive Parenting

Anky specialises in positive parenting training and personal life coaching.

Over the years Anky has facilitated successful changes for many clients wanting to make positive changes and improvements, establish a new life direction and achieve their goals.

As parents, Anky will help you develop a deeper understanding of how you can set up your child for success. You’ll be equipped with a range of practical techniques to help you raise confident, happy and resilient children.


What people are saying about Cohesive Coaching

“Working with Anky really has changed my life. She was able to help to assist me to think more positively, to understand and appreciate who I am and showed me how I can create my own reality. Anky recommends excellent books and conducts her coaching in a relaxed and comforting environment.

I am now working in what is very close to my dream job, am enjoying a fantastic relationship with my sisters, am handling my money a lot better and experiencing abundance and more importantly I am having less eronious thoughts and emotional issues.

I would recommend to anyone who is seeking a ‘better life’ to see Anky, my life has gone from strength to strength since my coaching sessions.”

“I have learnt so much. I have a greater appreciation of myself, my surroundings and my path in life is so much clearer and most importantly I am happier.
I found Anky to be understanding, helpful, interesting, full of positive energy and would recommend her to anyone who wants to make a difference in their life.”

“I went to see Anky from Cohesive Coaching because I had been feeling like I was stuck in a tunnel without any light for a year. I found it very hard to get a clear view of where I wanted to go. I felt number and unhappy and my close relationships were suffering.
After working with Anky for 6 months I know where I’m going in life. I’m calmer and less anxious and overall life is so much better. Pretty much from our first session I started making positive changes and I’m so much happier now with the improvements I’ve made in my social life, family relationships and living situation.
I highly recommend Anky for anyone wanting to achieve positive changes and goals in all areas of their lives.”

“12 months ago, I had a list of goals a mile long and no idea of how to achieve this.

Anky’s approach was exactly what I needed to help me to get me to the root of my issues, allowing me to look at what was blocking me and allowing me to really think about what was important and to put some actions in place to make them happen. Anky also provided me with some key skills to look at things from a different perspective.

I would highly recommend Anky to anyone looking for some direction.”

“Through her coaching techniques Anky has given me a better insight to myself and taught me how to feel more confident. I now have a more pro-active approach when dealing with confronting situations, unexpected obstacles, or just simple day to day business issues.

I cannot recommend Anky’s coaching services too highly.”

“The hardest part to seeing a life coach was making that first move and contacting someone who I felt comfortable with.

With my first session with Anky I felt quite at ease and within a few sessions, I felt I had my family relationships back on track and an added bonus of a new man in my life.

I cannot thank Anky enough for her getting me on the right track with my sons and how I feel about myself.”

“I knew I had some issues, but just couldn’t put everything into perspective. Speaking to Anky on a regular basis helped me with this. We started on the most important issues and worked from there.

I found Anky to be a very positive, fun person to interact with and she was easy to talk things out with. I enjoyed the way she used the Law of Attraction as part of the coaching, it just all seemed to flow together nicely.

I found this to be a positive form of counselling.”

“To whom it may concern

I met Anky at a time in my life where I was going through some major life changes and challenges. On the outside, I appeared positive, confident and up-beat. On the inside however, I was suffering from severe depression, lack of motivation and very low self esteem.

I was ready to begin my transformation and take control of my life when, by pure chance (maybe not?), I met Anky. Anky’s unwavering support and positive encouragement combined with her brilliant insight and useful tools gave me the confidence to make positive changes in my life in a surprisingly short period of time. With her help and guidance, I have changed my life around. The practical tools she has given me will stay with me for life, ensuring that my journey is filled with success and happiness. I have finally found peace within myself.

Warmest regards”